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OC partnership is a platform where we create content to broaden how society sees itself. We aim to produce news that will keep you thinking about all aspects of life, from cultures and societies around the world through our stories. In order for this goal to be achieved ,we need people like yourself, enthusiastic writers across many countries who want nothing more than educational sociological views on what’s happening now in their own country or abroad . To join forces with us so together we can form an integral part to change history by writing articles which inform readership & enlightens minds. We need you to help us change the world through quality content. Join our team of writers across the globe and make an impact.

Why publish a guest post with us?

We appreciate writers and bloggers that can provide well-written, value adding articles. We make sure to promote their content through our website as well as various social media platforms so you get more of an audience reading your work! With us on board there’s no limit in targeting the kind of tech related topics readers eagerly await for each day – it’s always exciting when new people come aboard.

Tips and requirements for getting your article published:

Our blog is an equal opportunity publisher. If your content is excellent, consider it published. But before you get started, here are some helpful tips for writing your article:

Write well-structured post that has no errors and has not been plagiarized 

Your work must be unique spelling checked with genuine facts to back them up; sources too so readers know where these come from (useful when looking into things like how many words per minute someone types). There should also never appear any affiliate links in the text of this kind because they can constitute advertising which falls under Blogger terms prohibitions.

Publishing your content with us:

You will be posting to our blog in no time! Just read some of the great content we’ve published before and follow these simple guidelines. Once submitted, your post is taken into consideration by one of our experienced writers who double-checks each submission thoroughly for quality assurance before it goes live on this site.

Come write for us, and be the part of the team of our enthusiastic writer, JOIN US!