About Us


We aspire to help change the world by bringing you life, cultures, and societies with every story we make.


To form a website where people may regularly gather educational, sociological views on what is currently happening in the news.

OC Partnership is a platform where we create content to broaden how we look at different societies worldwide. We aim to produce news that will keep you thinking of the intricacies of life. We work with people from different communities to foster diversity and create a readers’ pool fond of spurring discussions, awakening points, and stories that drive solid societal results. We believe that your voice is powerful, and we want to keep reminding you of that. You should speak about everything from diplomacies, faith, culture, and differences, even pop culture. Everything matters.

Although we created this site primarily for people taking classes in sociology, we also want it to be relatable to readers from all walks of life. Whether we recognize it or not, we all create ideas about societies, why certain events occur, and what should be done to address some of today’s challenges.

We are all trying to figure out stuff, and we want to share ideas with you so we can all have a broader and more profound perception of the world we live in.