Community of Care Activities

For the past several years, leadership and coordination of Orange County’s Community of Care planning process has been the shared responsibility of OCP, 2-1-1 Orange County and the Orange County Housing and Community Services Department. This public – nonprofit partnership helps ensure comprehensive, regional coordination of efforts and resources to reduce the number of homeless and persons at risk of homelessness throughout Orange County. This group serves as the regional convener of the year-round CoC planning process and as a catalyst for the involvement of the public and private agencies that make-up the regional homeless system of care.

The system consists of six basic components:

  • Advocacy on behalf of those who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless
  • A system of outreach, assessment, and prevention for determining the needs and conditions of an individual or family who is homeless;
  • Emergency shelters with appropriate supportive services to help ensure that homeless individuals and families receive adequate emergency shelter and referrals
  • Transitional housing to help those homeless individuals and families who are not prepared to make the transition to permanent housing and independent living; and
  • Permanent housing, or permanent supportive housing, to help meet the long term needs of homeless individuals and families.
  • Reducing chronic homeless in Orange County & addressing the needs of homeless families & individuals using motels to meet their housing needs.